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  • Select the standard criteria of Credit Rating, Purpose of Loan, Property Type, and State(s) and click continue at the bottom of the page to move onto any additional criteria you may want. (Please note, the base prices of leads without additional criteria are: NON-EXCLUSIVE LEADS = $15 per lead)
  • Select your additional criteria based on what leads you are looking for. (i.e. LTV, current interest, etc.) (Please note, each additional criteria with custom filters has an additional fee of $5).

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  • Close loans and make more money. It's that simple!

  • After you have purchased your leads, you can manage and track them with our exclusive lead management system, an added benefit for you!
  • When you receive your username and password via email, you will login at and automatically be directed to your own lead management system. This system allows you to track and manage your leads as well as having the record available to review if needed at a moment's notice.
  • Simply click on one of your leads to open the file and you will have the information at your fingertips.
  • Within the Lead Management System you will also be able to change your lead criteria at your convenience or keep it the same when you order more leads.
  • If no funds exist in your account you will be able to add funds to your account and begin receiving leads again the next business morning.


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