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Buying Internet leads is not unlike any other marketing campaign you execute for your Brokerage and needs to be thought of like any other marketing buy. It is important to track your conversions, funded loans, and profit from those loans, including referrals that are a direct result of the leads you receive. Be sure to calculate your return on your marketing investment (ROI) and your Cost Per Funded Loan (CPFL).

Like any other marketing campaign (Direct mail, Radio, Print etc), you will have people you can never get in touch with or who won't do business with you for one reason or another. Some campaigns will be very successful and some will only be marginally profitable, but overall your blended cost per loan will result in a strong ROI if you continue to work the leads over time. It is important to focus on the people who potentially will do business with you with long term telephonic and email follow-up, and filter or move past the customers that won't do business with you.

Campaign Calculator
(Include all consumers from campaign and their referrals)

Number of Leads Purchased: # 
Cost Per Lead: $ 
Campaign Dollars Spent: $ <calc>
Applications Taken: # 
Application Rate:  <calc>%
Resulting Loans: # 
Avg. Profit per Loan: $ 
Profit from Loans: $ <calc>
Cost Per Funded Loan: $ <calc>
ROI:  <calc>%

Typical Internet Lead Campaign Results from our Brokers

Example #1: Real Time Leads with Good to Average results

12 state licensed broker purchased 100 leads at $10 per lead or $1,000 for the campaign. Campaign resulted in a 33% application rate and 5 funded loans with a $5,865 average profit per loan or $29,325 in total revenue. Campaign resulted in a 2,933% ROI and a CPFL of $200.

Example #2: Batch Lead Campaign with Good to Excellent results

Multi State licensed Broker purchased 100 leads purchased at $12 per lead or $1,200 for the campaign. Campaign resulted in a 26% application rate and 6 funded loans with a $5,349 average profit per loan or $32,094 in total revenue. Campaign resulted in a 2,675% ROI and a CPFL of $200.

Example #3: Batch Lead Campaign with Below Average results

Utah Broker purchased 200 leads at $7 per lead or $1,400 for the campaign. Campaign resulted in an 18% application rate and 5 funded loans with a $3,800 average per loan or $19,000. Campaign resulted in a 1,357% ROI with a CPFL of $280.

Actual Real Life Example #4: Real Time Leads with Below Average results

New Jersey Broker purchased 500 leads at $5 per lead or $2,500 for the campaign. Campaign resulted in a 24% application rate and 3 funded loans for $5,600 per loan or $16,800. Campaign resulted in a 672% ROI and a CPFL of $833.

Our loan requests (leads) are generated from the following Marketing activities:

  • Sponsored placement deals
  • Search engines
  • Banner ads
  • Cost Per Click paid search advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Natural Search ranking
  • U.S. based telemarketing

Our partnerships with a large number of web sites continuously route filtered "real-time" loan requests to our database where they are matched to the criteria that you have selected.

Leads are verified, filtered and delivered based on your specified criteria and are delivered to you based on the level of service you choose:

  • Real Time Delivery within minutes of the submission from our quote request forms or from our live call verification.
  • "Batch" Delivery the following business morning by 6am PST.
  • Overstock Lot for Vintage 24 hour and older leads.

Our unique "Lead Manager" delivery system allows timely delivery of loan requests to brokers and lenders. This lead management and tracking system is a valuable added benefit to lenders and brokers as it gives you the ability to track and work your leads from anywhere you can access the Internet. Leads are also delivered via e-mail using a variety of formats and can also be delivered via fax.


Select your states and the type of loan that you specialize in such as:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

Select the Property types you service:

  • Single Family Residence
  • Condominium
  • Townhouse
  • 2-4 Plex

We do not offer Mobile Home or Commercial Property leads at this time.

You can also select up to 3 additional filters to target specific Consumers such as:

  • Requested Loan Amount
  • LTV
  • Property Value

Select the credit rating of the borrowers from:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Note: There may be an additional fee applied for each additional criteria selected.

The benefits from choosing eLeadZ for your mortgage leads are:

  • Start receiving leads TODAY with as little as $500 - You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for mail campaigns, or have a minimum order of 50 leads to try them out. (This is an incredible benefit for individual loan officers that are "doing their own marketing.")
  • Receive as many leads as you want each day and change your criteria as quickly as the market changes.
  • Results within hours, not weeks or months like conventional advertising.
  • Only talk to Borrowers that meet your specific lending criteria and have requested a mortgage quote.
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars on marketing and advertising costs that often give you fair to poor results.
  • Increase closing ratios dramatically.
  • CLOSE more loans than through conventional advertising.
  • Unbelievably high return on your investment.
  • You can "get more specific" by selecting additional filters to receive only leads that you really want - 100K + and 80% LTV etc.
  • Free live sales training on how to increase your contact and closing ratios.
  • We guarantee* the contact information (name & phone number) on all real time and auto-routed leads.

eLeadZ will provide you the tools to help you achieve the highest closing ratios in the industry!

Returning leads couldn't be easier. Simply go to the "Leads" section after logging into your account at Then click on Dispute Lead and insert the lead id and reason for returning. Some restrictions as to the type of lead that may be returned and the quantity of leads returned apply. If you need assistance, please call our customer service department at 888-4eLeadZ (435-3239). Please read our Terms of Service or FAQ section on returning leads for our policies and procedures. If you can't find an answer there, email us at

* Restrictions apply; please refer to our Terms of Service for more detail.


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