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888-4eLeadZ (435-3239)

"Just wanted to say thanks....
My first 250 dollars worth of leads made me $12,487.00...thank you very much i will be buying more immediately."
- Mark S. C.

Thanks for the return call today. I have had a huge success with eleadz , closing an astonishing 65% of my purchased leads. I like the ease of navigating your web site , not only for purchasing leads, but how easy it is to get credit for any faulty lead should there be any.I will continue to use eleadz and would recommend them to anyone looking to be successful in the internet mortgage business.
Thomas S. Derrick
One Source Home Mortgage,LLC
The Woodlands, Texas

"The new web site looks great! Your service is excellent and you have provided me with many, many leads that I have closed on. Keep up the fantastic work."
- Charles Leslie

"Hi Andre, Thank You, for the good leads. I like your staff, Nick, Bob, and Tets. They are really good at responing to the customer's needs. I have been in business 22 years, and you are the only mortagage leads company I have ever used. I would like to start ordering about a 100 leads a month through you. So I will work the leads I have received so far, and see how they do first. Thank You"
- Rory Antoine

"Dear Andre,
I like the way you do business. Having a customer service person call and walk me through all the features of the site is fantastic. Mixing high tech internet with good old fashioned personal attention is the way to go. Now I know all the things I can do on the site and I have a lot better attitude. Other loan officers have told me that the leads are good. I will buy some leads next week and give it a try
Keep up the good work
--Kirby Jansson

"To whom it may concern,
Let me start off by saying that my fellow loan officers and I couldn't be happier with the way things are going with us and your company. We have used many lead sources in the past and eleadz tops them all. We started in December by purchasing $400 in leads. You know as well as I do that December is one of the hardest months to close loans, due to the fact that banks are closed half the month, and it is hard to get borrowers on board because of the Holidays. I am proud to say that we closed 40% of the leads that we purchased with your company. As it turned out $400 got my company over $20,000 in revenue. Needless to say the holidays were great thanks to your company. On top of that let me also tell you that your web site couldn't be easier or more accommodating to my company. The structure of your website allows me to be in control of the quanity, and quality of leads I recieve. On behalf of Four Corners Financial, we couldn't be happier and we thank the entire staff at eleadz.
Thank you,
Matthew J. Rogers.
Sr. Loan Officer

"I have been buying leads in the mortgage business for the past 5 years. I have been buying leads from over 20 different companies who have had their streaks of being ok for a few weeks, but then dying out and falling off the face of the earth. Most lead generation companies have no personality, no face. Usually you put your credit card on their site and they send you leads. Since the moment I started using ELEADZ.COM, I was blown away by the tracking tools, the customer service, the fact that when and if you need to speak to someone there is always someone there to address your cares and concerns. I found a lead source that is not only consistant, reliable, and efficient, but the leads are fresh, affordable and and are hot right off the press with borrowers who are motivated to do business.

"I recommend to all brokers or bankers looking to generate more revenues by not wasting your time with small mom and pop lead companies who are more expensive and cannot compare with's quality of leads."
-Robert T.

"Just closed a e-lead. Earned $6000 gross in commissions! The leads are working wonderfully. The best $35 investment anyone can make!!"
-Dan "DW" Walts

"Dear Andre:
I was skeptical at first about purchasing these leads because of past experiences with so called exclusive leads. But, I happy to say that the results have been excellent so far. I have talked to three people out of ten so far and have two applications. I would have had three but the third had a wonderful interest rate and I informed him it did not make sense to refinance. If I close these two I have made my money back 30 times what I invested."

"After trying 4 other companies I almost gave up. I want to thank you for convincing me to try it one more time. I have closed 11 loans this month and 9 are because of Eleadz."
Marsha P.

"My closing ratio went up from 12 to 21% with your leads."
Perry P.

"What a great Idea! I used to spend $8,000/Month on my own advertising and hoped that the phone would ring."
Pete E.

"I love this service! I love the leads and it was way too easy! I couldn't be happier and will recommend this site to anyone looking for mortgage leads!"
Pat W.

"Thank you once again for all your help. This is amazing, I spend $360 and made $9300."
Tom D.

"My marketing costs went down and I am making more $$$."
Dan Z.

"Eleadz, wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I like your leads so far. Keep them coming."
D. Lawrence

"Your leads are real. Sorry for being so difficult at the beginning."
Steve B.

"After doing my numbers, you guys have the highest closing ratio that I have found anywhere."
Tom G.

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